Accel World Bursting into the English Scene

Accel World Bursting into the English Scene

On May 19th, the set for Accel World is scheduled to burst into the English Weiss Schwarz scene, along with its trial deck. The Accel World set is known for its “acceleration” mechanic, which is taking a point of damage to gain some sort of advantage, whether it be searching your deck for a character or gaining a unique ability. It really fits the theme of the series!

Here are two cards featured in the new Accel World set!


The card on the left is “Black Lotus”. On play, you can draw up to two cards, and ditch a card from your hand. What’s unique about this card is its acceleration effect. Once you accelerate this card, you can choose a level three or lower character that your opponent controls (so literally any character) and bounce it back to their hand. And you can play this card from level two, so by bouncing your opponent’s character, you can really screw up their end game plan!

The card on the right is “Kuroyukihime”. It has an on-play heal, which is pretty typical for a level 3. The climax combo is pretty cool, though. On attack, pay out all but one of your stock, and this card will be able to attack again. Swing for three or more souls twice in one turn!

If you want to start link into the Weiss scene, you can pick it up with Accel World’s trial deck! It comes with a guaranteed foiled card (the shiny ones) and an easily operable deck. It also includes an easy manual to get used to the game flow.

While you’re at it, pick up some character sleeves and playmats to pair with the deck! There’s nothing cooler than destroying your opponent with a waifu deck, sleeves, and playmat.

Check out our Accel World merch here! Click on the image above!

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