BanG Dream Enters the Weiss Scene!

BanG Dream Enters the Weiss Scene!

On May 26th, the booster set for BanG Dream will join the Weiss scene in Japanese. This set previously only had a trial deck to work with, so this is a huge expansion for any Poppin’ Party lovers. And quite honestly, the set has looked pretty solid so far. Bushiroad has slowly previewed some cards over the last couple weeks, so we thought we’d share two of our favorite among them!

This is a 3/2 Saaya with 9000 power, which is a little on the lower side for 3/2’s. But there’s a catch. She has -1 level in hand if you control 4 for more <Music> characters, which is basically everyone in the BanG Dream set. She also has an on-play heal, and gets 1000 power if you control 2 or more other <Music> characters. Of all of the early play conditions, the “-1 level if 4 or more” condition is arguably the easiest one to meet, so if you run a playset of this card, you can sustain for days on level two, since you’d be healing very frequently.

This is a 1/0 event called “Iratsuku Aitsu”. You can only play this card if you control 3 or more <Music> characters. On play, send one <Music> character from your waiting room to stock. Also choose one character and that character gains the following ability: on attack, check the top card of your deck. If it is a <Music> character, add it to your hand. With this card, you essentially generate clean stock and hand advantage at the same time. On top of that, a ton of Arisa (the girl on the picture) cards is able to return this card to your hand in some way, so you can just keep generating clean stock and hand advantage.

This set will also be released in the English scene around the end of June, for the people who are irritated that they have to memorize card effects since they’re in Japanese (we get it, and same for us). In the meantime, we are currently working on getting some card sleeves and merchandise for BanG Dream so stay tuned for that!

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