Fate/Grand Order-Inspired Hotel Chaldea to Open In Ikebukuro!

Fate/Grand Order-Inspired Hotel Chaldea to Open In Ikebukuro!

Popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order will be teaming up with Sunshine City Prince Hotel as the first of the chain’s "Ikepri 25" themed floor tie-ups!

The Ikepri 25 project will collaborate with a series of anime and manga franchises to transform a floor of the hotel to appeal to fans. The floor boasts four communal spaces as well as 20 concept rooms which will be transformed so that guests can feel completely immersed in their favorite worlds.

The Fate/Grand Order collaboration, Hotel Chaldea, is inspired by the game’s Chaldea organisation and will run for a limited time only from April 2019. Bookings will begin in early March through the hotel’s website.


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Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

Original Link: https://otakumode.com/news/5c6baf9663ad78e65260d051/Fate-Grand-Order-Inspired-Hotel-Chaldea-to-Open-In-Ikebukuro!

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