Kantai Collection Abyssal Fleet Addition

Kantai Collection Abyssal Fleet Addition

The new Abyssal Fleet set from Kantai Collection is going to be released on May 19th, 2017 in English. It is going to have new and fun cards to play against other sets, specifically Kantai Collection. The original Fleet Girls are getting a counter from the Abyssal and this time the Abyssals have come with stronger gear.

The card on the left is “Airfield Princess” and this card is a +1500 power support to all your <abyssal fleet> traits. The second effect is a combo that heals one, but instead of sending the card to the waiting, it returns it to your hand so it bypasses the heal tax that Kantai has on you. This effect costs 3 stock, but since you’re playing green, you are going to generate a lot of stock anyways.

The card on the right is “Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class” and it lets you drop 1k power at the start of your climax phase every turn and lets you search your deck for any <abyssal fleet> character by paying 1 and taking 1 damage. This allows you to get the early advantage and taking 1 damage early is irrelevant because getting to level 1 first is what you want to do.

This set was already released in Japan so there was already some play being seen, but now that it is going to be released in America, you can join in the fun since it can be hard to get Japanese cards. In addition, if you want some cool sleeves, playmat, and deck boxes click the picture below and you’ll see some nice merchandise for your Weiss decks.

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