Kozuguru’s Top Ten Miku Illustrations

Kozuguru’s Top Ten Miku Illustrations

How well do you know the superstar Miku Hatsune? Miku is the icon for Vocaloid. From songs to outfits, and even games, she is a powerhouse and a major persona in the anime community. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight on our top ten favorite Miku illustrations. However, before we get into the illustrations, it’s time for some song trivia!

Can you tell us which Miku Hatsune’s song is her most popular one? That’s right, it’s ‘The World is Mine’ written by Ryo.

Next question, do you know what the popular throwback song performed by Miku x Luka is called? If you guessed ‘Magnet’, written by the artist Minato, you were right!

Without further ado, here are our favorite Miku illustrations!

1. 2019 Snow Miku

The first illustration on our list is the 2019 Snow Miku feature.This adorable illustration was drawn by illustrator YUU. Like in most Snow Miku illustrations, you can spot her trusty pet, Rabbit Yukine. Rabbit Yukine’s design was based off of a type of Hokkaido mountain hare. What are your thoughts on this Snow Miku design? Of the three - 2017, 2018, and 2019 versions of Snow Miku, which one do you prefer?

2. 2nd Season Spring Ver. Miku.

The 2nd Season Spring Ver. Miku was created by the artist Morikura En! Think the Easter Bunny, but Miku instead. This floral illustration is so adorable, from the bunny ears right down to the frilly shorts and cotton ball shoes.

3. 2018 Racing Miku

The next Miku feature is the 2018 Racing Miku illustration. This Racing Miku was illustrated by the popular illustrator Hiro Kanzaki, also known for his work in Oreimo and Eromanga sensei! What are your thoughts on this Racing Miku design? Do you prefer this design or maybe you prefer the 2018 Thailand version?

4. Sakura Miku

Our next feature is one of our most popular illustrations, the Sakura Miku. Fans of Miku and the color pink will love this figure! Some say that this particular variation of Miku is the perfect rep of what spring means to Japanese citizens. However, there’s also the 2nd Season Spring Version of Miku. Which Miku do you best think embodies the spring season?

5. 2017 Racing Miku

Our next illustration is the 2017 Racing Miku! We absolutely LOVE this fairy Miku, which was illustrated by popular illustrator Tony. She definitely stands out among the other Racing Miku with her butterfly like wings! What are your thoughts on this Racing Miku design? Is she your favorite racing Miku illustration?

6. Christmas 2018 Miku

Merry Christmas from Santa Miku! This adorable holiday illustration was created by the artist KEI and the super premium figure was manufactured by SEGA. She has the perfect holiday design and her Santa outfit is gorgeous! What do you think about this jolly Miku?

7. Sonico & Racing Miku 2018

Super Sonico and Hatsune Miku in an official illustration together? It simply cannot get better than that! This was illustrated by the artist Tsuji Santa. It’s vibrant, the outfits are bold, and it features two of Japan’s best girls! This piece is so detailed that the artist even gave Sonico Miku’s iconic hairstyle. What do you think about this collab piece?

8. Racing Miku 2018 Thailand Version

The 2018 Racing Miku Thailand Version has to be one of our all time favorite illustrations! This version of Miku was illustrated by the artist Hiro Kanzaki. Back in 2014, the Racing Miku was specifically illustrated for the 2014 Thailand race. From the golden brown skin, to the translucent hair we love the concept of this beautiful and unique Miku illustration. Don’t you think that this image is adorable?

9. 2017 Snow Miku

Here comes another Snow Miku illustration, because they’re all so gorgeous! This 2017 Snow Miku was drawn by comet. It has a very serene look to it, with it’s soft colors and delicate lines. It perfectly depicts Miku in a winter wonderland aesthetic.

10. Racing Miku 2017 Thailand Ver.

Our last Miku illustration is the 2017 Racing Miku illustration Thailand version. This tanned fairy racing queen was illustrated by Tony. You get the best of both worlds - butterfly wings and a magical aesthetic with a beautiful summer racing style! What a joyous mash-up of styles!

There you have it folks! Our top ten Miku art pieces/illustrations. Did you enjoy our illustration list? What was your favorite art piece? With so many art pieces to choose from, we know it must be difficult to pick just one! To see more Miku illustrations, merchandise, and collectibles be sure to visit our Miku collection here. For all other anime figures, check out our full collection on our website.

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