New Love Live Promos at a SIF "Thanksgiving" Event

New Love Live Promos at a SIF "Thanksgiving" Event

Last Thursday, Bushiroad previewed exclusive goods at the School Idol Festival “Thanksgiving” event, which will be held on June 10th and 11th, at Ikebukuro, Japan. The event is basically to thank loyal players of their featured game, Love Live School Idol Festival, and will have exclusive goods such as T-shirts and posters.

At the very bottom of the event goods page, this gem of a goods was hidden:

You saw it right. There will be 2 copies of “We Are A Single Light” promo cards and one 60-pack of sleeves in a bundle sold at the event. The promo cards? They’re pretty good. We’ve listed three of our favorites here to analyze. Check out the rest of them at

This is a 0/0 Honoka with an on-death Akatsuki effect, where you ditch a card in exchange for an ability to look at the top 4 cards of your deck and add a <Music> character among them. Since this is an on-death Akatsuki, it may be a little bit more difficult to use than regular on-play Akatsukis, but this will be the only Honoka card with an Akatsuki effect. Plus, the card looks freakin amazing.

This is a 1/0 Rin backup for 2000. You’re probably wondering, “hey, but it says 1000 in bold in the card text!” but this has a catch. The first effect of this card is, when you use the backup ability of this card and if you control a <Music> character, your character in battle gains an additional 1000. Basically, if you are playing the game correctly, this card acts as a 2000 backup. This mechanic is pretty good, since the average power for a 1/0 backup is 1500, so you essentially get 500 more power for free. Plus, the card looks freakin amazing.

This is a 2/1 Maki. 5500 for a 2/1 is pretty low power, but the effects make it pretty good. On-play, check the top card of your deck: if it is a <Music> character, add it to your hand, and ditch a card from your hand. The second effect is, if this card gets reversed and if the character in front of this card has a higher level than the controlling player, then send that character to the bottom of their deck. This effect is extremely good, considering that early-playing level threes are extremely common. On top of that, this effect ignores hexproof, since the it does not specifically target a character (gg Yami players). Plus, the card looks freakin amazing.

These cards are a great addition for the Love Live set in Weiss Schwarz, and is a must-get for any µ’s fan. It's great to see that new µ’s merchandise is being produced, since they will never die in our hearts.

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