New Mijuku Dreamer LLSS Merchandise!

New Mijuku Dreamer LLSS Merchandise!

Recently, Love Live Sunshine has been blowing up with all of the events that are happening right now. They just had their extra booster set in Weiss Schwarz that gave them a lot of power. But most importantly, they are scheduled to perform at AX this summer! We are super ready to get hyped.

To ride on the Aqours wave (ha, get it), we opened up pre orders for Mijuku Dreamer sleeves and deckboxes! Here are some below:

Not to be bragging or anything, but these have to be one of the best character sleeves out there. Here are some reasons why:

Your waifu has a high chance of looking fly as hell. All of the Aqours members are in their Mijuku outfits, which are probably one of the cutest looking ones that they have. These outfits give a traditional Japanese yet modern feel, due to the kimono theme with short skirts of these outfits.

The background makes the sleeve or deckbox look rich. The sparkles and the different patterns plus the “color themes” of each girl make the sleeves look super high quality.

Best of all, the girls on these sleeves are the same as some of the new Weiss Schwarz cards!

Check out all of our Love Live merchandise here:

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