New TCG Merchandise from Various Series

New TCG Merchandise from Various Series

We have some sleeves and mats from Re:Zero, SAO, and Love Live Sunshine.

Starting off with Re:Zero, we have some collectible sleeves.

These sleeves are great for anyone that is into Re:Zero and can be used to sleeves your decks. They are standard size and will fit most cards. Get yours here.

Next up, we have Sword Art Online. 

We have some cool sleeves and mats in right now and they are pretty sick. 

Get your mat here.

Great for those Asuna and Leafa lovers out there. Especially with the new Ordinal Scale Weiss Schwarz set out, you can use these to sleeve your decks. Get your sleeves here

Last but not least, we have the new Aqours Happy Party Train mats.

These are great because the second season of Love Live Sunshine was just released a few weeks ago and people are riding the hype train. 

There are one for each girl so get yours here.


And now for a limited time you can use the discount code tcgkozu to get 15% off these products at checkout.

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