Persona 5 Anime Confirmed (and other news)

Persona 5 Anime Confirmed (and other news)

The Persona hype train continues. This time, the anime for Persona had just been confirmed by Aniplex. The trailer can be seen here, but only with a Japanese VPN:

Looks pretty legit, right? The animation will be in the hands of A-1 pictures, known for their liveliness and beauty in their animation. Major projects they had worked on were SAO, Saekano, and everyone’s favorite song, Porter Robinson’s “Shelter” MV. We have really high hopes for this upcoming anime series, airing in 2018.

In other news, the release date for Persona 5 set for Weiss Schwarz EN has been delayed once again to an unconfirmed date. Here is a card from their JP counterparts, anticipated to come into EN:

This card is a 3/2 Joker that has 9k base power. He gains 500 more power for all other <Thieves> traits, for a maximum of 11k base power (+2K for 4 other <Thieves> characters). He additionally has on-play heal. This next effect is awesome. During your encore step, if all of your opponent’s characters in the front row either do not exist or are reversed, you can pay 3 stock and pitch one <Thieves> character from your hand to do the following effect for the number of <Thieves> characters in your front row: reveal the top card of your deck and send it to the bottom of your deck to deal X amount of damage to your opponent. X is equal to the card’s level. Afterwards, shuffle your deck.

This card is simply full of flavor. And it’s a good card. 11K is a decent stat line to reverse stuff, with the addition of backrow power you’ll probably be getting. Healing is always nice. The last effect of potentially burning your opponent three times is really cool. The effect does not require a Climax to go with it, so you are able to pull this finisher off really consistently. The fact that all of your opponent’s front row must be reversed or gone is flavorful. This is a reference to the “All out attack” mechanic in the original game, which, in the real Persona 5 game, does massive damage to all enemies if they are “knocked down”.

Lastly, Kozu restocked on some Persona 5 TCG merchandise. Please check them out here:

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