The BanG Dream Tae Build in Weiss Schwarz

The BanG Dream Tae Build in Weiss Schwarz

To celebrate our recent stock of BanG Dream TCG merchandise and the nearing release of the English BanG Dream set for Weiss Schwarz, we thought we’d share our looks on the set and shamelessly recommend which sleeves and deckboxes to use alongside them.

Judging from the currently out Japanese set, the Tae focused build seems to be super OP. There are many different variations regarding deck builds, including running solely blue cards, or splashing red for the new climax trigger. Among these decks, two cards stand out, which are listed below:

It’s not an understatement to say that the Tae build is powerful because these cards act as a pillar for all builds.

The first card is a 3/2 Hanazono Tae. She’s printed a 9500, but she gets +2500 with experience 5, which means that she gets the effect if the total level in your level zone is 5 or more. Her second effect is a climax combo on play heal, with the second card that's sideways. The last effect is, on your opponent’s turn, if you took any point of cancelable damage, you can check the top card of your deck and choose to send it to your waiting room or leave it on the top of the deck.

The second effect, the climax combo, is decently good. Since the climax that combos with the card is a “pants” trigger, you can essentially guarantee at least one turn of healing, and keep healing more in the coming turns if you keep triggering the pants. And if you have 3 of these cards on your stage, you can heal for 3 in one turn!

The third effect. Holy. You can use this effect for any time you did not cancel damage, so for all of the cards that burn one? You can mill cards from your deck if you didn’t cancel it. This is extremely important to start milling from your deck, since you essentially cut damage from your deck by milling through characters. You can infinitely stall out your level three, since you’d be milling through your deck, increasing the chances of a cancel occurring.

Just like our most recent Konosuba article, this is the part where we shamelessly alert you of our new cosmetic stuff.

We know, they look really nice.

For more new arrivals, check out the link below!

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