The brutal (yet hilarious) rejections in Masamune-kun no Revenge

The brutal (yet hilarious) rejections in Masamune-kun no Revenge

We’re all familiar with Adagaki-san from Masamune-kun no Revenge. She’s known for her brutal and inhuman ways of rejecting people’s confessions for her. Here are some of our favorites!


To get things straight, Adagaki-san does not care at all about the feelings of the people that are confessing to her. So, she literally does whatever she wants when she rejects them.

Let’s start with the lighter versions of her rejection. Here’s a scene where Adagaki crumples up a love letter without even reading it:


She takes a Kobe hoop into the trash can with it. Nice shot!

Adagaki-san is also known for her crazy nicknames she comes up with when she rejects people. This one is one of the more tolerable nicknames that Adagaki-san comes up with as she rips up a love letter in front of the person that wrote it to her:


I mean, “pudding prince” is a pretty adorable name. I love how the ripping was done so casually, that is so hilarious!

The scene I just showed you was not even close to the worst. The worst one is when she publicly addressed you with the stupid nickname that she gave you in front of the whole school:


Hey, the nicknames are pretty clever. Moleo comes from the mole on the boy’s left shoulder. It’s funny because she publicly talks about the long hair that grows from it. Gross!

You’re probably wondering, was she always like this, super mean to boys who confess and everything? Well, you bet. This one is the scene where the main character, Masamune-kun, gets rejected from Adagaki-san during the early stages of childhood:


God, that hurts, being told that she’d never love you when she’s, like, 7 years old. This is what drives Masamune-kun towards revenge, so it’s an important scene.

Here’s my personal favorite one. After making the guy run around the school looking for clues, she finally leads him to his original spot, only to reject him with a scrolled up (and nicely written) “I decline”:


Her face when she unrolls the scroll is so casual, like she doesn’t give a care in the world!

If you laughed or liked these scenes, be sure to check out Masamune-kun no Revenge!

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