Top 5 shelving products to display your figures

Top 5 shelving products to display your figures

anime figures on bedroom shelving

Most of the time, we’ve talked about figures, but I think it’s about time we focus on one more crucial part of figure collecting, shelving products. Now we do not sell any shelving products in any way, but I still think it’s important to cover them. After all, they’re the ones bearing the weight burden of your figures, and by buying the right ones, you’ll make your collection stand out even more!

I’ve picked 5 of them according purely of design, they’ll mostly be from IKEA because they have some darn good shelves.

EKET, Wall-mounted cabinet combination

Brown IKEA Shelving

Starting off strong with a pricey one, this shelving product has a lot of space, looks artistic, and can be used for numerous things! You can separate different anime series across different shelves making them have their personal space. Overall, it’s a very good product, and it fits well into any room since it’s dark grey.

Get it here.

KALLAX Shelf unit

Square brown shelving unit from IKEA

Now, for a less pricey one, “KALLAX”. It’s mostly for people that do not collect figures that much, but still want to have space for them. Might be a perfect, most simplistic solution for figure collecting shelving products. Since it’s square-shaped, it will fit into any part of your room, also, it’s black so it will fit artistically as well!

Get it here.

HOGHEM Wall shelf

white standing IKEA shelf

Switching to some white products now, this one is medium-priced but it’s extremely stunning for rooms which don’t have much space, it takes small amount of space width-wise. This shelving products really looks like some kind of ladders, but don’t try to climb it please.

Get it here.


VITTSJÖ, Shelving unit with laptop table

brown double shelf from IKEA

Now this one is a little more hard-core. It’s really for a newly made room, it comes with a great laptop table that is surrounded by shelves left and right. This is a perfect shelving product for people that want to be surrounded by all the figures they’ve bought. It’s amazing!

Get it here.



Light brown shelving from IKEA

And last but not least, a wooden texture shelving unit. It doesn’t take a lot of space but it will most certainly fit on your wall. It’s not pricey and colors will fit almost anywhere. Too bad it’s not 3x3 instead of 2x2, you could play Tic-Tac-Toe with figures in some way.

Get it here

These shelving products will most certainly upgrade your figure collection quality, they’re usually disregarded and all those good-looking figures are placed somewhere they don’t fit. So, if you have some money to spare, do take a look at some shelves, your figures will be thankful!

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