Top 5 ways to get into collecting figures: The Ultimate starter guide to FIGURE collecting

Top 5 ways to get into collecting figures: The Ultimate starter guide to FIGURE collecting

anime figures and anime collectables on a bedroom table

Before we start, figure collecting is EXTREMELY addicting, but it’s also extremely satisfying and amazing. Getting into it is your own choice. Still here? Let’s begin.

So, you want to become a figure collector? Or maybe you’re here because you’re interested in that topic? Doesn’t matter really.

Figure collecting is an art of its own, it falls into the similar category as stamp and card collecting. KOZUGURU is here to give you 5 steps on how you should begin the journey, hang tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!

1. Find out which figures you want to collect

Now there’s an ENORMOUS amount of action figures in the world. Are you a fan of a particular movie? Then you may want to limit your collection to action figures based on the movie (e.g. collecting only Avengers figures). Are you a comic book fan? Then you may want to focus your collection on specific character, stories, movies, or TV shows. Same thing with anime, you may focus on a specific series or character types.

Understanding what you want to collect, and also where to order from can be crucial. By limiting yourself to a specific genre/series will also lower the cost of your spendings in order to help you not lose control and order everything that exists (trust me, that can happen).

We at KOZUGURU have an extremely large collection of figures from a lot of anime series. Might be a good place to start, take a look here.

2. Order it from a trusted source

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Knowing where to order your figures from is crucial. You don’t want the figure you ordered to never get to you or receiving it in a bad shape. Depending on where you order from, you will wait differently, some sources will have their stocks in US so your order might arrive in a couple of days. On the opposite side, other sources will need to order the figures straight from Japan (if we’re talking about anime figures) so you’ll wait for couple of weeks. Wait time is really not that important, what matters is receiving those figures in original shape.

At KOZUGURU offer some officially licensed figures that will surely be transported with great care. We’d also like to point out that some eBay and Amazon sources are also very good, but they’re hard to find.

We suggest reading through the reviews of every source before you order.

3. Make space for your ordered figures

Ordering all those figures means nothing if you have nowhere to put them. Space might be a problem to a lot of people, but we’ll try to give you few ideas on how to make more space for your figures.

  • Add shelves on empty walls, you just need few planks and some nails. Figures on well-made shelves look really cool.
  • Re-organize your room table, you will be surprised by how much space you can get just by organizing your stuff differently.
  • Sell or give away things you don’t need. Make a yard sale, or put them up for auction online, either way, you’ll earn some money and also get some space for even more figures!

There are other things you can do, but they’re very situational, so ask people around you for advice if none of the upper ones work for you.

4. Think how figures will fit in your room

Your figures can fit in your room in so many different ways, but at the same time, they don’t have to, that’s what’s so amazing in figure collecting. We’re going to talk about fitting them artistically.

If you want to artistically upgrade your room, when ordering a figure online, make sure to check what else is being offered, some figures will look even more amazing in the presence of other figures. By being careful, anyone can think of a great way to combine multiple figures and products in order to build a beautiful scenery that will shock anyone who sees it. Scenery itself might even be more worth that the figures themselves.

Hell, you don’t even need to order multiple figures in order to make a scenery. By thinking outside of the box and analyzing your own room, you can create something stunning just with one figure you ordered!

5. Show off!

anime figures and collectibles in display case

The best part of having an amazing figure collection is showing it off, people are always astonished when they see someone wholeheartedly excited to show off their hobby.

Take a camera and snap a few pictures, put them on Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt or wherever you want. Those pictures are bound to attract people

If you’re collecting action figures, you can even make some kind of stop motion videos with a scenery and a story.

Showing your collection to the world might attract other collectors that could want to buy your limited-edition figures for astounding prices.

Who knows, you might become a famous influencer just by showing off your hobby!

Don’t be afraid to show off your hobby

You might think that collecting figures will only provoke people to make fun of you, because figure collectors are interpreted as "geeks” in movies and TV series. That’s really not true, people love enthusiastic people who don’t care what other people say. You are who you are, feel free to show it off to the world!


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