Why we all badly need a dragon maid

Why we all badly need a dragon maid

First of all, look at her!

If you don’t know who this is, you’re missing out. This is Tohru, the adorable dragon maid from Kobayashi-san Chi no Dragon Maid. Cute, right? Wait until you actually get to know her.


New to the human world, Tohru tries her absolute damnedest when it comes to maid duties. And she’s so cute and innocent! Why wouldn’t you want a maid like her? I mean, she tries really hard to make good food.


It might not end up well, but at least she’s proud of her cooking (and apparently even though her tail may be poisonous, it’s sweet and silky)! Don’t worry, her tail grows back rapidly.

She also takes other maid duties seriously, like laundry...


...though not the most conventional way. But at least she’s trying!

But she is very trustworthy to have by your side. No one in this world is stronger than dragons! Imagine having a dragon sidekick!


That’s pretty badass.

And when you’re not home, you can have the strongest creature guarding your house! You definitely don’t have to be worried about getting robbed. You will have to worry more about the lives of the robbers instead.


Imagine being those burglars. I would be scared to death!

Late to work? Take a ride! Yeah, dragons can fly in this world too. And apparently they’re REALLY fast.


To top it all off, she loves everything about you. She has true unconditional love for you, like the kind parents have for their kids. And she’s so adorable!  


If you love dragons or maids or a combination of both, give Kobayashi-san Chi no Dragon Maid a shot! I promise you Tohru and her friends will melt your heart.

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