An Avalanche of New Key Chains

An Avalanche of New Key Chains

This week, we have even more new key chains to share with you guys.

This first one is a spicy one. You've heard of Nesoberi plushies. Now get ready for Aqours Nesoberi key chains!

These Nesoberi key chains are perfect for lonely zippers on bags or phone cases. Take these cuties home here! We assure you these are 100% guaranteed to Gamba-Ruby.

Next up, we have a new type of key chains called Chara-riru for Aqours:

These key chains feature our favorite girls from Aqours in their Aozora Jumping Heart outfits. They make our Gokigen extremely Ikaga-Kanan. Also, these special key chains light up. SHINY!! Check them out here!

Lastly, we got some Re:Creators and Eromanga Sensei acrylic key chains:

We got too much to show in one blog post, so check out our Re:Creators key chains here and our Eromanga key chains here!


And for a limited you can use the discount code Avalanche for 15% off your order of these items.

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