New Dragon Ball Super Items have gone Super Saiyan on us!

New Dragon Ball Super Items have gone Super Saiyan on us!

If you've ever wanted to have the universe's strongest fighters on you keychain, there's no better time than now!

In celebration of Dragon Ball Super, we have new gachapon items fresh from our friends across the sea. Stick around until the end of the blog for special discount codes.

Dragon Ball Super Ball Chain Keychains:


Goku Black

Jiren The Gray

Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku: Xeno

Super Saiyan Gogeta

    Between Jiren the Gray, Goku Black, Super Saiyan Gogeta, Bergamo and Xenoverse Super Saiyan 3 Goku, this set is the most powerful thing we've ever released (power level wise).

    Act fast to grab them all before they're gone!



    Dragon Ball Super Mini Action Toy Figures:


    Black Rose Goku




      Whether you're a fan of Super Saiyan Blue, Trucks the future Super Saiyan or Black Rose Goku, this set has you covered. 

      By including some of the most iconic characters from Dragon Ball Super, this is a dream collection for any fan.


      With the return of Dragon Ball in the form of Dragon Ball Super, we've had more items for the Dragon Ball fans worldwide, it's the best time to ever be a Dragon Ball fan, and in honor of that, we've decided to offer a special discount on these collections.

      Just use the code superstar at the checkout to save 15% on these items!



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