Fate and Love Live Sunshine Keychains/Straps

Fate and Love Live Sunshine Keychains/Straps

For all of the Love Live Sunshine lovers out there, this one is a huge stock update! We have some cute Aqours key chains available for preorder!

First off, we have these key ring carabiners for characters from Aqours Sunshine.

These are great if you wanna carry your keys around with your favorite girl. They are great for any occasion and can be put anywhere. They arrive in November. Preorder yours now here. 

Outfits look familiar? They are wearing the outfits from Mirai Ticket! All nine of these will come in a set! They will arrive in December of this year. Preorder now here!

Next, we have Fate pinch straps and these go great on your phone or bag. They go in your headphone jack, but if you don't have on then they can be place on your keychain.

There are many to select from so get yours here.


And you can use the coupon code LoveFate to get 15% off your purchase of these keychainsand phone straps.

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