Figure Friday! 10/27 - Nendoroid Heaven

Figure Friday! 10/27 - Nendoroid Heaven

Welcome to Figure Friday! This week we're not going to feature traditional 1/7 figures. Instead, we'll give our chibi waifus a shout out!

First up, we have the a Re:Zero Rem Nendoroid! 

The best girl in Re:Zero (sorry team Emilia) comes with three facial expressions: the cold gaze, shown above; a happy smile, to cheer you on; and the famous "oni" expression. She also comes with her infamous weapon, the morning star. Check her our here!

Next up, we have a Lancer/Scathach Nendoroid from Fate GO!

Like the Rem, Scathach comes with three expressions you can swap in and out: the cold gaze shown above, a slight smile, and a fierce yelling expression. She also comes with 3 different forms of her weapon. See more here!

Finally, we have a Nendoroid for EXPLOOOOSION from Konosuba:

You guessed it right, Megumin also comes with three different expressions: smiling, spell-casting, and bashful. Her accessories that come with the Nenodroid are here wizard hat, her wand, an explosion effect, her eyepatch, and a glimmer effect for her spell-casting! Take her home here!


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