Matted Eromanga Sensei Sleeves [Preorder]

Matted Eromanga Sensei Sleeves [Preorder]

With the spring anime seasons coming to a close, many of us are left with mixed feelings. We’re particularly sad about Eromanga Sensei ending. Even though the twelfth episode (the last one) ended in a satisfying way, we still wanted more Sagiri moe.

Speaking of Sagiri, we have some cool sleeves to show you! Up for preorder now, these are Sagiri character sleeves:

She looks pretty cute in these right? Well, that’s not all that these sleeves are great for. These character sleeves are actually matted! For those of you that have not experienced matted sleeves or oversleeves, you have to try these out. Regular sleeves, after using them for a while, will begin to stick together, making the shuffling process quite a pain the butt. Not to mention, when regular sleeves get worn out, hand shuffling does not make satisfying clicking noises any longer. This is where the beauty of matted sleeves come in play. These sleeves are designed so that the sticking between sleeves are minimized, maintaining the fresh feeling of shuffling decks and hand shuffling even after countless uses. Sounds like magic, right? You’ve got to try matted sleeves to truly experience the infinite anti-sticking sorcery.

A good way to get the matted sleeves experience is to get matted oversleeves, so that you don’t have to change your current sleeve setups--you can just put the matted oversleeves on top of you current ones. Here’s a link to our matted oversleeves:

And if you’re feeling adventurous, check out matted character sleeves! You don’t have to put on another layer of sleeves to get the matted experience, and get to experience full waifu. Here’s the Sagiri one mentioned above:

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