Sleeves From a Galaxy Far Far Away

Sleeves From a Galaxy Far Far Away

For AX 2017, we brought some TCG items that were newly introduced in our stock, and we’re glad to announce that they are officially up on our website! We’ll talk about our personal favorite here: our Star Wars TCG sleeves.

Our sleeves are usually anime otaku hentai stuff. We know. Star Wars is a new set of sleeves that we were excited to import, and they look pretty nice. Here are some of them:


And you know what would look good in these sleeves? The new Star Wars set in Weiss Schwarz.

It’s been a while since we talked about new Weiss Schwarz sets here, so we’ll go ahead and talk a little about this cool new set.

As you may know, in Weiss Schwarz, each set has some sort of “flavor”, or a nod at the original series in the form of game mechanics. In Star Wars, the “flavor” of the set is a newly introduced mechanic called “force”. “Force” mechanics have never been seen prior to this set, which is pretty exciting. Here are some cards with the new mechanic:


There are other cards with force mechanics in the Star Wars sets, but the two above look the best so we’ll talk about those. Darth Vader, the first card, forces two of your opponent’s characters to switch positions. For Luke, you can force the card in front of Luke and one other card to switch positions. For the two above, in order to use the force, you must pay one stock and pitch a card. Other cards have similar mechanics, but they have some restrictions such as only being able to target lower-level characters and such.

Forcing two cards to switch places is pretty insane. You can force out pesky backlines into the frontline to remove their key support characters. You can also force huge walls into the back so you’re not forced to get over them. Most sets do not have the ability to hit the backline, so being able to do so counters many decks in the meta right now. Pitching a card hurts hand power a little, but killing globals and brainstormers hurts your opponent more, so you’ll have the upper hand in the long term.

Thanks for reading today’s blog! Blogs go up every Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM PST. Be sure to check out our “Just Arrived” section for more cool stuff! And as always, thanks for the support!

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