TCG Wednesday! 10/04 - Granblue Fantasy, Vanguard, and more

TCG Wednesday! 10/04 - Granblue Fantasy, Vanguard, and more

Welcome to TCG Wednesday! Where we share our newest TCG merchandise to take home!

First up, we have Granblue Fantasy Character sleeve packs!

These character sleeves come in either sets of 4 or 2 of 60 sleeves each! By getting these packs instead of individual sleeves, you save a bit of money for the same amount of sleeves. Check them out here!

Next up, we have some Vanguard TCG items!

We just had a huge restock on standard deckboxes and mini character sleeves for Vanguard! In fact, the restock was so huge that you might need to check it out here. Just be careful, though, most of the character sleeves for Vanguard are in fact mini sleeves, so they might not be suitable for the cards you want to sleeve. Double check before you purchase!

Next up, we have some event-exclusive TCG merchandise, from Symphogear, GochiUsa, to Re Zero:

These are pretty rare event exclusive sleeves, so you should pick them up as soon as possible! Don't lose to other collectors! Check them out here! These are limited in stock!

Lastly, we have some cool doujin TCG merchandise, from Neir, Fate, Maid Dragon, and more:

Although these aren't official merchandise, these can really spice up your gameplay. Support these artists! Check out our newest doujin merchandise here!

 And for a short time you can get 15% off any TCG order from Kozuguru by using the coupon code tcgkozu. Happy hunting!

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