Vivid Strike Oversleeves and Weiss Introduction

Vivid Strike Oversleeves and Weiss Introduction

We’re all familiar with regular oversleeves: gold border ones, silver border ones, and matted ones. They’re all nice items to have to protect the inner beauty that is character sleeves. But what if you can replace your generic oversleeves with anime oversleeves? Let us introduce to you, Vivid Strike Oversleeves:

These oversleeves will match well with any of our other Vivid Strike/Nanoha sleeves, so you can rock the cosmetic game (and ditch the old boring oversleeves).

Speaking of Vivid Strike, the Weiss Schwarz set for the series came out not a while back in Japanese. And honestly, this set is like no other. Most people speculate that this set would already be considered one of the top decks, with only one trial deck and a booster set. In addition to the set’s power, Vivid Strike also has a ton of flavor. Take, for example, this level 3 Rinne:

This card’s climax combo is as follows: send as many Grandpas, bullies or Skuderias from your memory to your waiting room, and burn your opponent for the amount sent. This card shouts flavor, since in the anime, Rinne is defined and becomes stronger through her past traumatic experiences revolving around getting bullied, her grandpa dying, and nearly losing her Skuderia. Past? Memory? That’s pretty flavorful.

Flavor aside, a popular build revolves around the green cards in the set, which are Fuuka and Einhard. The card below is featured in most, if not all, of such builds:

This card comes out a level early if you have 4 or more <Melee> characters on board, which is unarguably the easiest early play condition to meet. On attack, you can look at the top card of your deck and put it under this card as a marker. For each marker, this card gains 1500 power. Her climax combo is the most busted part. On attack, send all markers under this card to the waiting room to burn your opponent for 1 damage X amount of times, where X is equal to the number of markers sent to the waiting room. Let's take a step back and think about this for a second. Considering that she gains a marker on attack, she doesn’t even have to reverse stuff to get bigger, unlike most other infinite stackers (and yes, you can have as many cards under her as you want or can). Burning 1 for X amount of times is also absolutely bonkers. You leave your opponent less amount of opportunities to cancel your attack with incremental damage. Basically, this climax combo is almost a guaranteed kill at level 3, given enough stacks under this card.

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