Heart of Crown: Six City Alliance Expansion - Board Game

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  • Board Game by JAPANIME GAMES
  • Designed by ginkgo

The fourth expansion for Heart of Crown. It requires either the base set or the Fairy Garden expansion to play.

This expansion adds a completely new type of card, Support Cards, which confer an extra bonus when nominating a Princess. A new Rare card is also introduced, Oasis City Nefertiri, which does not enter the market like normal. The set also introduces a new variety of Curse card.

Additionally, new rules are added for games with 8 or more Princesses available.


  • New Princess
  • 16 new types of Common Card (5 of each type)
  • 2 Revised versions of Common Cards from the Fairy Garden expansion, Guildmaster and Merchant Fleet (5 of each)
  • 18 placeholder cards (1 for each Common Card type included)
  • 8 Support Cards
  • 20 Misfortune Cards
  • New Rare Card

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