MT106 Mr. Single Edge Nipper - Mr. Hobby GSI

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  • Mr. Single Edge Nipper by Mr. Hobby GSI
  • Official Nipper made to the highest quality.
  • Code: MT106

The finished state of adhered parts becomes transparent, so this glue is optimum for gluing clear parts in plastic models. It can be used for handicraft or carpentry because it can adhere to cloth, leather or wood. Fixing time is approx. 5min., time until work can be done on the piece is approx. 60min. and within approx. 24 hours it will harden completely. When excess is exuded, it can be removed with lacquer thinner or nail polish remover if not yet hardened.

This glue will stick on:
Hard plastic, Soft vinyl chloride, Styrofoam, Plated parts, Polystyrene, ABS, Cloth, Felt, Leather, Glass, Stone, Wood, Synthetic rubber, Tile

This glue will not stick on:
Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Silicon resin, Fluorine resin, Precious metals

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